The config file is here system/config/csvprice_pro/hpmodel_links.php, below is the text of the comment from the file with the description of the parameters for setting the import HYPER PRODUCT MODELS.
 *  init $getProductId Method:
 *  getProductIdBySku   - by Product SKU
 *  getProductIdByModel - by Product Model
 *  getProductIdByName  - by Product Name
 *  getProductIdById    - by Product ID
 *  DataFormat:
 *      {parent_id}|{image}|{sort}|{type_id}
 *      {parent_id}|{image}|{sort}
 *      {parent_id}|{sort}
 *      {parent_id}|{image}
 *      {parent_id}
 *  Do not change a delimiter char "|" in DataFormat

The configuration itself in the file looks like this:

$_['csvprcie_pro_hpmodel_links'] = array(
        'getProductId' => 'getProductIdBySku',
        'FieldDelimiter' => '|',
        'StringDelimiter' => "\n",
        'ImageCatalog' => 'catalog/',
        'DataFormat' => '{parent_id}|{image}'
  • getProductId – product identifier that will be substituted in the place {parent_id}.
  • FieldDelimiter – field separator in data line DataFormat.
  • StringDelimiter – line separator, if records like DataFormat several.
  • ImageCatalog – starting directory for images, taken from OpenCart settings.
  • DataFormat – data string template, which will be imported and exported.

For example, if you need to import a product link by product_id (_ID_) + image and sort order, then in getProductId you must specify getProductIdById, and the data string template will look like this {parent_id}|{image}|{sort}

In the config file it will look like this:

$_['csvprcie_pro_hpmodel_links'] = array(
        'getProductId' => 'getProductIdById',
        'FieldDelimiter' => '|',
        'StringDelimiter' => "\n",
        'ImageCatalog' => 'catalog/',
        'DataFormat' => '{parent_id}|{image}|{sort}'

Configurable one time, re-configuration is required after reinstalling the extension (module) by copying new files.