Module version and assigning

After checking the settings on the host conformity with the help file system_test.pnp, you need to select the correct archive, from which the plant will be performed.

OpenCart Package
OpenCart/ocStore 3.0.x.x
OpenCart/ocStore 2.3.x.x
OpenCart/ocStore 2.0.x.x – 2.2.x.x
OpenCart/ocStore 1.5.1.x – 1.5.5.x

Files from which installation is performed depending on the version PHP For example

PHP Package
php-5.6.x, php-7.0.x
php-7.2.x, php-7.3.x

Module installation instructions

CSV Price Pro import/export does not modify or overwrite existing OpenCart files, and it does not affect the work of other extensions and of OpenCart.

Before you install the extension (module) CSV Price Pro import/export, be sure to check your hosting settings as described in the section Hosting Requirements, this check will show you the installed version PHP and OpenCart version.

Download the correct version of the file (distribution) according to your version PHP и OpenCart. The latest versions are available for download on the page Download.

Be sure to include the latest expansion (module) as at the time of installation.
Detailed instructions for installing the module are located in the distribution archive in the file INSTALL_RU.pdf or INSTALL_EN.pdf


OpenCart 2.0.x.x – 2.3.x.x

File ./misc/ocstore_manufacturer_model_fix.ocmod.xml intended to fix a bug with a choice of manufacturers in the assembly ocStore v2.1.x.x – 2.3.x.x.

OpenCart 1.5.1.x – 1.5.5.x

Installation menu is file ./vQmod/csvprice_pro.xml_, installation is made only in the presence vQmod and automatically, the file does not need to rename, It does not affect the operation of the module.