Option List

If you have extensions (modules) or modifications that change how options work, then for import and export options, you need to modify the file responsible for importing options:

field format _OPTIONS_ is separated list of strings transfer options, = one row one option values ​​via the vertical bar, all values ​​within the options are separated by a vertical bar “|”, below you will find a detailed description of the option formats.

CSV Price Pro import/export supports the following OpenCart options:

selection Choose

  • select – Standard drop-down list to select only one item from the list
  • checkbox – standard list of checkboxes to select multiple items from a list
  • radio – Standard switch to list view “radioknopok” with the ability to select only one item from the list
  • image – same, that radio, plus the output of the image thumbnail for each item in the list

Text Input

  • text – field for entering text on one line
  • textarea – field for entering text in several lines, multiline field

Date and time Date

  • date – date input field in the format 2011-02-20
  • time – field for entering time in the format 22:25
  • datetime – field for entering time and date in the format 2011-02-20 22:25

File File

  • file – It allows the customer to download the file (Attach file)

Options – selection Choose

These are standard interface elements select, radio, checkbox and image, in the form of lists with the ability to select one or more items from the list, having the same set of characteristics:

  • necessarily OpenCart: Required – option is required for the selection of, the buyer must select one or more options. All options have this characteristic.
  • The option value OpenCart: Option Value – Possible options consisting of points for certain options, These items are specified in the options settings, such goods “man's T-shirt” may be an option “Color” with possible points selection “Green, Red, Blue”, then option itself will be of type select or checkbox or image, to type image to the name the item will be added an image.
  • number OpenCart: Quantity – the number one item (such as the number of red futblok) this option. A product option itself is not a stock item and in no way not related to any product, but the authors of OpenCart decided ,that each item option can have its own account of the store, and not associated with the product. That is, if you have 15 men's t-shirts with the option “Color” (5 green, 5 red and 5 blue), then the sale of this product will be charged the amount of the goods and at the same number of the selected item options “Color”.
    Warning about out of stock (number = 0) It works only for the goods and does not affect the output options. If the item quantity is zero option, then this item will simply not be shown in option list, that is, if the red shirts ended, then the list will be offered the options of green and blue.
  • Subtract from the warehouse OpenCart: Subtract Stock – whether to keep records on the number of, that is, the sale of 3 green t-shirts, green number will be reduced to 3, moreover, if at goods “Subtract from the warehouse” costs “No”, then the quantity of the goods will remain unchanged.
  • price OpenCart: Price – price and prefix before the price, this price (float) It will be added to the price of goods or deducted from the price of the goods, depending on the prefix + or – .
  • points OpenCart: Points – similar price, It has a numerical value and the prefix.
  • Weight OpenCart: Weight – by weight in the form of a floating point, summed up or subtracted from the weight of the goods, depending on the prefix + or – , if the store has a calculation for delivery from involving the weight of the goods, the weight options will also participate in the calculations.
Full option format select, radio, checkbox, image
type options | Name options | The value name | necessarily | number | Subtract from the warehouse | +/- | price | +/- | points | +/- | Weight | Picture

Options – Text Input

Full option format text, textarea
type options | Name options | The value name | necessarily | The option value

Options – date and time Date

This is a field for entering a date or time date, time, datetime, using interactive calendar component Datepicker to select the date or time.

Full option format date, time, datetime
type options | Name options | The value name | necessarily | The option value

Options – File File

Full option format file
type options | Name options | The value name | necessarily | The option value

Examples of

To wrap a line inside an Apache OpenOffice Calc cell, press Ctrl + Enter

Consider import Options for example color selection: man's T-shirt (green 3 PCS., Red 4 PCS., blue 8 PCS.), price 299rub.

For color choices, you can use the option type: select, radio, image, to select the color will use the type of checkbox and (without image, for images the type is used image):

  • A type – radio
  • Name options – Color
  • The value name – Green, Red, blue
  • necessarily – 1 (Yes)
  • number – green 3 PCS., Red 4 PCS., blue 8 PCS., total number = 15 (in the amount of product should be 15, if it enabled Subtract from a warehouse and keeps records of the store)
  • Subtract from the warehouse – 1 (Yes), if the account of the warehouse through the store is not conducted then put zero (0), the goods will always remain in the quantities to which the option was created
  • Price and price prefix – Red T-shirt more expensive 40rub. and then the price will be +40, others will +0
  • points – We do not use, will be +0
  • Weight – We do not use, will be +0

As a result, we have three colors, and thus the lines will also be three:


Since last parameters Weight and points are not used, they can skip (These parameters are optional), they are automatically added from the settings on the Settings tab, recording format at the same time will be as follows:


If you want to use an image, the type must be image and be sure to include points and Weight:

All images are added relative to the directory /image, and have an initial path catalog/
for instance: catalog/example_directory/example-image.jpg

For all other types of select, checkbox, image recording format is similar to that described above.

Simplified Options Format

For select, radio, image, checkbox

For the simplified form it is necessary to make all the setup options on the Settings tab, and continue to use record type:

Simplified Option Format select, radio, checkbox, image
Name options | The value name | price | Picture
Name options | The value name | price

The image in this case may be missing.

For date, time, datetime, text, textarea,file

Simplified Option Format date, time, datetime, text, textarea,file
type options | Name options | The value name | necessarily | The value of the option Option type | Name options | The value name | necessarily

The option value must be in accordance with the selected type or not at all.